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Who We Are

Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) is a 503(c) nonprofit organization that works with elected officials and government partners to identify mutual interests and develop collaborative strategies, plans and programs that help improve quality of life and economic vitality in the greater Baltimore region.

We believe in healthy communities - providing safe and equitable connections to educational and employment opportunities, goods and services, and recreational amenities - and support healthy lifestyle choices, ensuring comfortable access for all ages and abilities, and minimizing discrepancies in health outcomes for all people in our region.

About Bike To Work Week

Bike to Work Week is an event celebrated across the United States each May to encourage and celebrate bicycling to work and promote public awareness of bicycling and bicycle safety.

BMC and our regional transportation partners promote biking as a healthy, enjoyable alternative to driving to help achieve our regional goals:

Improved Health Outcomes

Spending time outdoors is good for physical and mental health. Biking has a positive effect on wellbeing, self-confidence, and resistance to stress.

Reduced Air Emissions

Switching from driving to biking - to work, school, essential trips, and recreational activities - reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the climate crisis and can have serious negative health impacts.

Improved Safety for Bicyclists

Promotion of Bike to Work Week helps raise awareness of the rules of the road for drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists, and also highlights the need for continued expansion of safe sidewalks, bike lanes, and safe crossings.

Bike to Work Week 2022 is Monday, May 16 - Sunday, May 22.

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Bike to Work Week 2022 will take place on Monday, May 16 - Sunday, May 22. Contact us if you have questions about sponsorship or registration.