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The Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) is a group of trusted experts who help guide the future of the Baltimore region. We evaluate needs and trends, listen to communities, and develop and implement programs and projects. BMC’s Board of Directors governs the agency and sets our policy agenda. BMC’s staff convenes elected officials, state and local agency specialists, and regional leaders to advance shared priorities in transportation, housing, workforce development, emergency management and more. Through our work, we are committed to making our communities livable, accessible and prosperous for all.

BMC works with member jurisdictions and state agencies to promote biking as an equitable and safe alternative to motor vehicle travel to access jobs, goods and services. Biking and walking contribute to individual health, help ease traffic congestion, and reduce emissions that result in air pollution.

About Bike To Work Week

Bike to Work Week is an event celebrated across the United States each May to encourage bicycling and promote public awareness of bicycling and bike safety

By celebrating biking and promoting it as an equitable, safe, and healthy alternative to driving, we can:

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Improve health outcomes

Spending time outdoors is good for physical and mental health. Biking has a positive effect on well-being, self-confidence, and resistance to stress.

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Reduce air emissions

Switching from driving to biking -- to work, school, essential trips, and recreational activities -- reduces greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to the climate crisis and can have serious negative health impacts.

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Improve bicycle safety awareness

Promotion of Bike to Work Week helps raise awareness of the rules of the road for drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, and also highlights the need for continued expansion of safe and comfortable sidewalks, bike lanes, shared-use paths and safe crossings.

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Improve transportation equity

Many people throughout the Baltimore region lack access to a car or cannot drive. Biking can provide a meaningful transportation option.



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Bike to Work Week 2024 will take place on Monday, May 13 - Sunday, May 19. Contact us if you have questions about sponsorship or registration.